Margaret Leong Checca You can just read “fear” all throughout his eyes. The gate looks like something out of a horror movie or the entrance to hell. Does anyone have the exact address to this place? Almost getting to the end of the trail, I looked at the very top of the mountain and suddenly saw these blue lights come on out of nowhere. It's usually people on drugs who are up there me, a friend I know had the Haunted Forest as his backyard...when I would kick it up in Altadena, we would hear screaming sometimes and just laugh. I was hiking up the trail to Echo Mt. I wonder if the KKK sees shit there too and wonder if they are gonna stop going there because of how bad it can get in that forest. … I have all kinds of recording equipment et but no emf's. I've been to actual haunted paces so I know what I'm doing. Many people know it as  Gravity Hill . There's a nice view of the city though. Kay and David Linden It was last Halloween night, probably just after 10pm. Scratch here to find out which Quote can make you Successful? I use different types of equipment to pick things up. we got quite and walked about 20 yards passed them, and huddled up to discuss what we all just saw. Sometimes paranormal activity occurs. Right? One Day I Will. Which I thought was odd. Trippy place. Let’s take a look at this haunted forest. Sadly, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event will not take place in 2020. Enchanted Florist Pasadena is a real, local flower shop currently located at 4416 Fairmont Pkwy Suite 104 in Pasadena, TX 77504. I go into asking more but he doesn’t seem to want to go to into it so I don’t question it. I was considering going there until you mentioned the KKK! Pretty scetchy place. It's believed that this was a gang that killed one of it's own. 276 86. Sort by. a very dark energy seems to overwhelm the area around us. ou have presented your beautiful blog in good way which i really like it keep doing well and you have done good work on this post, nice post keep updating with new post Evil Spirits Removal in Melbourne | Negative Energy Removal in Melbourne | Indian Astrologer in Melbourne, This is my first visit to your web journal! I was there with 3 other friends and we all saw the blue lights except we only saw two. But I don't know who would be all the way up there hiking at 4:50am. I wish a motherfucker would come at me stupid up there send them straight back to the fuckin gates they came from. -- not what I expected. Please feel free to email me at I've seen, heard and felt on many occasions spirits, so I am familiar with the sensation. Why? I herd it's haunted but what exactly is inside the forest. The remnants of the historic railway, tennis court and dance hall is a sight to see. Disneyland has been serving the public now since 1955, putting smiles on millions with their state of... 2014 S.I.U. I went home and did some research.. and it seems what I was picking up on was the energy of an asylum back in the day. There was nothing there and there was Ivy so i can see purely through everything there. I haven't been to this place in a long time, probably about 8 years. Tickets are released monthly. Katie King and Torrey Sun I had the most eerie sensation, it gave me goosebumps. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. And we are in the same shopping center at Time Out #3 and Cut Away. Anyone who read this, just be careful. beer pasadena, Vashikaran Specialist in DelhiVashikaran Specialist in KolkataVashikaran Specialist in MumbaiVashikaran Specialist in BangaloreVashikaran Specialist in ChennaiVashikaran Specialist in GujaratVashikaran Specialist Astrologer, nice blog !!!! Enchanted Forest of Light at Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge — just north of Pasadena, off the 210 Freeway — is one of our all-time favorite outdoor holiday celebrations. Person or demon I went back and never saw anything or experienced anything... Blue lights tho I have seen but thought nothing of it. People have claimed hearing screams coming from the Forest, but are unable to find anything. "KKK"?!!! One day, we decided to hike past Echo Mountain (where the trail veers left.) Descanso Gardens features nine botanical collections, a (ride-able) miniature railroad, house museum, modern art gallery, cafe and gift shop. Stupid auto- correct. email me.does1realyknow at gmail. Enchanted Forest of Light runs daily from 5:30 to 10pm starting Sunday, Nov. 17 and ending Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020. Is there a time frame or can we go at night my mother wants to take me this mothers day or sometime nearby that if its closed , but if its open on mothers day is there a specific time or can we explore at night? Length 1.5 miElevation gain 574 ftRoute type Out & Back It's a nice eerie hoke however, Every one interested to know that what is going to happen with him and why bad things are happening as well as the remedies that helps them to make them free from the troubles that they are facing. Heather Sturt Haaga and Paul Haaga, Jr. Ngoài những cách đuổi muỗi thông thường như dùng thuốc xịt muỗi, tinh dầu thì bạn có thể trồng một số loại cây có công dụng đuổi muỗi. However, it was strange the way these blue lights moved. For more information about our fundraising efforts and what happened CLICK HERE. Do you have to pay to go in or do you just walk in? Vậy những sự cố đó là gì và cách khắc phục ra sao. We offer same day flowery delivery in our local area. My friends and I went there a couple of years ago.The place is definitely haunted. Shopping Mall Los Angeles, First if fall i would like say thanks to bloger for providing great informatic and looking beautiful blog, really nice required information & the things i never imagined and i would request, wright more blog and blog post like that for us. The Enchanted Forest; alterego. However the world is not going to collapse. We quickly scanned the area, there wasnt any one hiding, so we leave. Not sure though... Been there many times. They say that members of the KKK go up there at night and do there rituals. My sister saw the same thing and told me what she saw when we got back to the car before i could say anything, I want to explore it but i dont want to go alone, Is it safe? Leo and Stephanie Dencik It's so sad that her soul is still there. I'm a paranormal sensitive and can dissect this with and/or for you to bring you more understanding about what took place with you. we were maybe a minute behind them, and as we rounded the first bend, we noticed to shadows appear just off the trail. hey Ian, scroll up to january 5th, 2016.I had a weird one too, but didnt see exactly the same thing. With my black skin?!! But my adventurous friend and I decided to explore deeper into the forest. Have a back up plan, bring extra batteries, night vision, and NEVER run from something that scares the shit out of you because you can get seriously hurt or fall down some where steep. report. Deer Park School District. You don't have to pay to go in. The Supernatural Investigation Unit. Truly I have no wards to Explain my feelings about your post. as we were walking out, we glance back, and two shadows were walking directly behind us all the way to the main gates.has any one ever had a similar experience to this?!?! But I couldn't tell if my eyes were fucking with me and adjusting to the darkness but every time I looked, I could see a couple of what looked like hooded figures, following us with no feet, just sort of dark blobs floating behind us but with the distinction of what looked like heads and shoulders. Look forward to the discussion! We freaked out and ran back to the car in total disbelief in what we saw. I have been doing this for many years pastor Hartwell. If so, please contact me back. I looked at my dogs and they seem to be there tracking or focused on something , maybe they hear it as well this time and my girl starts to freak a little so I say grab ur shit we are out of here , but she says we should try to find what it is , cuz it might be someone in need but I say what can we do its late night we o ly have one flash light and thats how horror movies get started.. and she agrees as we make our way back to the main trail back down the mountain a group of three guys come out from one of the other trails with no lights no backpacks and it wasnt a moonlit night so no moon light and my girl grabs my arm my dogs growl so they stop they hadn't noticed us since I heard their foot steps and I turned my light off before running into them.. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. The Enchanted Forest Pasadena Tags : Enchanted forest Coloring Book Johanna Basford Printable Colouring Pages Cars. Hotchkin–Tinoco Family I've been here plenty of times, yeah I'll afmitt my friends and I went up there to drink. The lights that I saw coming down the mountain, looked a lot like the UFO light in the sky. Also, being a Catholic or Christian is a must if you dont want to get possessed. Friday, June 12. Google/Yelp/Wiki: "Sam Merrill Trail" "Lowe Mountain" and "Echo Mountain." Saved by Sarah N. As you walk towards the entrance you see the front gate of the forest. hope you enjoyed Enchanted Forest Pasadena Wedding photos today, and don't forget to share them with your friends on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter for more wedding design inspiration, and upcoming trends, keep reading of Pasadena City Hall Wedding, Enchanted Forest Wedding or Green Hotel Pasadena Wedding. Definitely has a dark vibe to it. Amy and David Lamb I've seen lights but they were just other hikers. Now I know who I saw. I had an aweful feeling like something bad was going to happen if we did not leave. Ian, if you still seeing this, happy to discuss with you. I've been there many times late at night 1am/3am are around the Times I go. Where: Descanso Gardens, 1418 Descanso Drive, La … If you want to go to Enchanted: Forest of Light When: 5:30-10 p.m. daily Nov. 19-Jan. 7, closed Nov. 23 and 27 and Dec. 4, 11, 24 and 25. Iv'e herd its a mental hospital or an old abondoned manchine. But at night, it completely transforms into a colorfully lit, holiday universe! Have no idea what I experienced, but know I felt something. Enchanted Oaks Townhouses. Looking forward to going back again after reading all this. Definitely left with an uneasiness running through me. We could not get down off that mountain and away from that place fast enough. Cũng như hầu hết các thiết bị điện tử khác máy tính để bàn cũng gặp một vài sự cố nhất định trong quá trình sử dụng. Thank god we didnt run into any of those but we did meet people going there and coming out so it does feel good to know there are adventurers there and not gangs or white supremacists. The place definitely has a dark energy, it really isn't safe to be there at night. Powered by. We randomly ended up here. War walked past a cliff and there was so trees near by and low and behold I saw someone that was hung in a tree. I could barely make put anything. Try to find them if that miner doesn't get to you first however.... Me and my girl went up there a few times so one night we decided to take mushrooms up there since we felt familiar with the spot, we took them at the bottom of the hill and walked to the ruins where the echo phone is we sat by the stair and felt the mushrooms take effect.. (we take psychedelics often enough) we sat by the stair at the top we noticed we were the only ones there the time was around 1030 pm we where looking up at the sky when I started hearing moaning like sounds I looked at my girl and asked did she hear it ? this is Amazing! Its a fun place to go at night if you get to one of the higher places and enjoy the view. We are a group of volunteers and new activities in the same specialty. Reviewed December 21, 2016 . The McKinley Enchanted Forest-Totaro, Pasadena, California. Enchanted Forest of Light is an interactive, nighttime experience featuring a one-mile walk through unique lighting experiences with a variety of large-scale light displays, allowing visitors to manipulate the lights and sounds, in some of the most beloved areas of Descanso Gardens. I’ve had this experience happen to me before. That is unless you look back toward the entrance of the forest with the street lighting. Looking back it's weird that we were so comfortable doing that so late at night. We hear the scream in the distance not too far ahead as well. Trong thông tin bài viết này chúng tôi sẽ chia sẻ tới bạn 5 sự cố thường gặp khi sử dụng máy tính để bàn và cách khắc phục. All non-members MUST  buy tickets online in advance. We were looking for the trolly tracks that they used to have that takes you to the burned down hotel. Our Address: Enchanted Forest 8462 Enchanted Way SE Turner, OR 97392. I have never been back since! We heard real eerie screams, and it felt like we were being watched. KKK? It looked as if they were headed my way. As we got in our cars to leave I turned around to look at the entrance one last time because I had an overwhelming feeling of being watched and saw a figure of a woman standing at the gate watching us. Linda Vista Hospital in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, is an attraction for paranormal enthusiasts and ... Up north towards the mountains of Pasadena, California, there is an area well known for it’s stories of the haunted forest and gravi... In South Pasadena, CA, on the old route 66, there’s a historic landmar... It’s the happiest place on earth. Set amidst the magical Autumn woodland of Faskally Wood in Highland Perthshire, The Enchanted Forest has been captivating audiences for almost two decades with its pioneering sound and light shows. ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████, Danh sách cây cảnh dễ trồng có công dụng đuổi muỗi, Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles (GHOULA), S.I.U. So we turned around and hightailed it out of there. If you do still see these posts, let me know where to contact you at. Ghosts are fine. Once you pass through the gate, it’s a good idea to have a flashlight with you because you can’t see an inch in front of you in this place. Is this trail pretty straight or bunch of rock climbing? Decorative Railing. thanks! Strange lights can also be seen at night on the Echo Mt. This forest seems to respond much more to an EMF detector than a digital recorder. I just know they were thinner across at the top than through out the rest of the shape which suggests a head and body. Not once have I seen anything or hear anything. Are there bad people hanging out up there. Don't believe the hype from the mouths of a few scared kids, Yes is true i seen the "KKK" is no lie or who ever they were they were dressed in white with candles in their hands it was 4 of us up their we ran back down they were in a cirlce very scary. I can’t say that this was paranormal since it was from a far distance. About a mile in we all heard a sharp scream in the distance, and felt a heavy feeling overcome us as we approached a large shadowing tree siting middle of the pathway ahead of us. Another dude comments to me if I wanted to “join in calling the evil spirits” in a non-joking very serious way.Another couple that we come across coming down the path (after coming across the group of 6), come towards us rather quickly.

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