And blame them, too. The company also believed in their employees and seemed to really think about my future growth and professional progress.” You may also tell that “the company constantly asked for feedback to improve job performance and increase bottom line sales [for achieving corporate goals]” How to answer: What do you dislike about … How to answer questions like “What does zero mean to you?”. It's a variation of saying, Especially the first sentence in this answer might set the candidate up for a massive disappointment if it turns out that there's a major weakness in the company that. You have to remember at all times from which viewpoint you're answering any questions from the candidate. Well, at my company working hard and producing quality work is something which is expected, so we do not get much special recognition. From there it's a natural segue into the company plans for training, broadening hiring opportunities, maybe corporate partnerships with non-profits. What People Like and Dislike About Doing Surveys By Andrew Grenville, Chief Research Officer, Maru/Matchbox The success or failure of the insights industry is entirely dependent on the quality of our relationships … Fast-Paced Environment 10. Watch Queue Queue. You answered the first two very loudly. Name 3 things you like or dislike about your job or that you look for in a job. How to filter paragraphs by the field name on parent using entityQuery? I cannot get into details because it's a personal opinion and I'd like to keep it to myself, but if you are worried about something specific about the workplace or your job you may feel free to ask about it. Here’s how. Tokenization: breaking sentences into words. Your manager's being evasive and deflecting, so you would probably look good in his eyes by doing the same. And no - this is not the same as AWS. Short and sweet. Richard's responses are real negatives that are in the process of being addressed. Poor Work-Life Balance 3. And, in general, the rules are the same regardless of which side of the question you're on. 3 talking about this. Here are top 20 common words about employee likes and dislikes: It makes GREAT sense. There are quite a few things that superstars dislike about WWE right now! So we are expanding internships" or "making it possible for staff to volunteer x hours a week" something along those lines. It's often true, and has the added value of explaining to the candidate why they're being hired again. After that you can try to put the conversation back on track to finish the interview. +1 because, if I was interviewing, I'd be more likely to feel a connection and want to work there than at the place where they serve me the "Well, the furniture is dated, but we're getting it replaced next week" line. Interviewers ask tough curveball questions to assess how a candidate handles tough work situations; candidates ought to be able to do the same thing. On Glassdoor, employees leave their reviews about a company in two fields: Pros (things they like) and Cons (things they dislike). Read what they say before you launch your own startup. 2. This lets the manager and the applicant to know that you are content, and that you are thinking about how to make your employer and your place of work even better. One of the golden rules in interviews is: "Remain positive". I heard a story once where an interviewer was asked this exact question, and after thinking a bit decided on the spot to quit the company (seriously)! We work with teams in different continents and communication is hard. not in the presence of the person being badmouthed as in the OP's case. Remove common English words e.g. @ivan_pozdeev Hence this is a good question to ask if you don't wish to work for such companies.... @Ian That's what I am getting at - depending on the local culture, there may end up no companies at all whom you "wish to work for". Or the interviewee may think you are dodging the questions and would prefer not to talk about the real issues as nobody would want to work there if you did. good, bad, great, etc. Oh wait, you're just lying to me.". site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. likes To regard with distaste or aversion. "This guy! 30 synonyms of dislike from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 72 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Fond of is normally used to talk about food or people. @ivan_pozdeev You're right, but most stackexchange sites are highly biased towards the situation in the USA, and the most vocal people will likely be from the USA. a, the, of, etc., and remove common words that add very little value to our analysis, e.g. Annoying Co-workers. Rather than getting some negative dead-end reply, the interviewee is shown exciting new areas for personal and professional growth at this company. Tags: cordially, allegory, manifestations, done, grew, old, wary, enough, detect This question is also great because if they answer some of the things suggested in the other answers, I would learn that open & honest criticism is not welcome (and get a feel for the flavor of how such conversations are received), or at least that the people answering are peculiarly troubled by "dated furniture". If it's starting to sound accusatory, shift back towards the bigger institutional issues that keep your manager from offering the sort of support you wish you had. How to not answer an uncomfortable question in a group interview? Many sales people say they will do something and fail to follow through. It's evident when you have superstars in the company constantly posting cryptic messages with obvious meanings. This is not a pig of a question. Interviewer's thoughts: While our company is stable now, there are no guarantees about the future. To talk about your general likes or dislikes, follow this pattern: like something or like doing something. How should I approach this question when my honest answer would be "my manager"? And that's a huge red flag for awful politics happening. 25% of managers dislike their workload compared to 15% of non-managers showing that the burden of over-work is placed more often than not on managers. Poor Work Environment 4. How to Answer the Likes & Dislikes of a Job. I would only recommend this if you are sure your manager will not take it wrong, and if the fact that you dislike him is only known to you (and not to him). Every workplace has advantages and drawbacks. I'm guessing that the candidate uses this question in every interview, and often gets deflected, so is sick of that solution. That's always a nasty question on either side of the interview, and if I don't care much about the candidate, I'd take the easy way out and follow my manager's lead, but if I do like them, and want them to be hired, then I have to sell the company in some way. "Then why are you hiring someone? I suspect that you may not even dislike your manager personally but actually dislike his (poor) leadership, professionalism, decision making or conflicts resolution skills. Few Training … I could say something about how the group or company doesn't really support people who need management to tell them what to do next. I sort by overall company rating (from 0 to 5) and select the top and bottom 10. Range of quadratic function using discriminant. Long hours 5. A little cryptic clue for you! Lemmatization: converting a word to its base form e.g. How can I get better at negotiating getting time off approved? There's only one company in scope. The same goes for your own resume and when you're being interviewed for a job yourself. Professionalism dictates you don't go on a rant about a co-worker, and that includes your manager. How late in the book-editing process can you change a characters name? Quite obviously, you need to avoid telling the truth. Here are word clouds for top 5 companies: Here are word clouds for bottom 5 companies: Originally published at on September 4, 2019. When trying to fry onions, the edges burn instead of the onions frying up. The candidate will likely file this away, and keep it in mind when assessing his options. I don't dislike anything about my current manager. Nothing that can't be solved by hiring you! In general, try to match up a dislike with a strength of the interviewee, so they feel like they are a good match for the position. 15 Reasons Why I Love My Job And Company too Published on July 15, 2015 July 15, 2015 • 83 Likes • 18 Comments I know that Company ABC works hard to ensure that management is hands-on and that the overall environment is positive." You want to give an actual weakness you have and how you are trying to improve. What’s more confusing to me is that more people don’t dislike Amazon (or maybe Amazon has found ways of censoring opposition online?). The second might sing the company's praise in such a way that it becomes exceedingly obvious that you're simply a company cheerleader, and not being honest. The candidate had a frank talk with the manager about the problems at the company and agreed to go to work for them (replacing the quitting interviewer) with the stipulation that he'd be given the power and support to improve things. What I am looking for is stability in a job and company." But that doesn't bother me because the people are great, the working conditions are better than most, and we've got a really great benefits package. The Workplace Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for members of the workforce navigating the professional setting. Whereas other reasons why employees hate HR demonstrate the employees' lack of knowledge about the role of HR in the workplace. Being two weeks from the start of summer, I knew it would be extremely hard to come across another offer. thats why I think the best way for both parties is they know as much as they can from each other. We occasionally have differences of opinion, but I think that's a healthy part of working in a team where all members are trying to do their best for the project and isn't indicative of any personality clashes. How to Answer the Likes & Dislikes of a Job. What is the precision of intensity data in XRD measurement? Workload? A week after the US election, the company labeled over 300,000 tweets as election misinformation. Is it money? What I am looking for is stability in a job and company." What Everybody Dislikes About Cbd Oil Company and Why . The OP has the right to say nothing or evade gracefully. 1 thing that people like about their jobs – and the No. If you can make a good impression on the candidate at the same time, so much the better. For example, you might say: My biggest gripe is that we have a culture around here of people bringing in delicious baked goods on a pretty regular basis, and my waistline is really suffering! As a candidate I ask this question in interviews, not because I expect a brutally honest answer, but to check the interviewer reaction. So, if an employee is happy about his/her work environment in general, there is not much focus on pay. "A few colleagues have told me that their managers tend to ...". This can be a reflection of the company culture. Focus only on the positive, yet choose a positive that correlates well with the work environment of the employer for whom you are interviewing. How should I answer an interview question that I think is too personal? Instead of discussing people like a moody boss or a supervisor with a chip on his or her shoulder- discuss circumstances or tasks. When I asked this question as interviewed person, I went for a more neutral "what would you improve in the workplace?". Not a registered user yet? If the candidate is even passably intelligent, the reason he's asking you and not your manager is because he's trying to get a read on company culture. Are you answering the question? These are some statements about likes and dislikes … 5 Gestalt Principles for BI Engineers and Data Analysts, How to Choose the Best Game App Scientifically, Introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis, Resources for Time-series Data Analysis in R and Python. Poor Company Culture 10. Few Career Opportunities 9. I would say "I think what you're wanting to know is where do we as a company see ourselves improving? Your honest answer is not necessarily meaningful for interviewee because your subjective/personal perception of your manager may be very different from interviewee's prospective if he had much worse manager in the past. If a company or a person can't figure out how to admit to a few warts, then he can't be honestly attempting to address them. @Veedrac, The truth has many layers, especially if the interviewee didn't ask the question privately. Nothing harms the long-term reputation of a company in the eyes of investors more than a steep drop in its share price. I could say something about the lack of a strong QA team. “I hated having to leave, but they had to downsize so a lot of key people were released.” Most people can find something they don’t like about a […] Perhaps too much like something a politician would say. Poor pay is mentioned many times. Low Pay 6. According to a poll from the Pew Research Center, American workers are working longer hours for less pay and taking on higher levels of stress. What were the best and worst things about your last employer? Then, I scrape all employee reviews for each of the 20 companies. Even if your reasons are legitimate- interviewers can't know that- and they can be justifiably afraid that you'll speak negatively of this company to others. Never stay on the negative a second longer than you have to. In the OP's case, you're coming across as grossly tactless since the person you're asking wasn't in a position to answer honestly. No one would say that too many donuts is an actual problem. Yes, you are. Are multiple indexes on MYSQL table reason for slow UPDATES and INSERTS? Can the person find an honest, but politically correct answer? I know that Company ABC works hard to ensure that management is hands-on … At the end of the interview, the candidate asked me and my manager the question: "What do you dislike the most in the company?". These are the text pre-processing and cleansing steps: Now, all review texts are converted to well-formatted arrays of words with identical morphological roots. The deadline passes and the prospect has to call and remin… it might be allowed but not publicly - e.g. Dislike: As I have positive attidude, I always see the positive side everyware and upto now no one said anything against about the company.Though, As we all know "a coin has two sides",we should be ready to accept it as it is. Thank your co-workers. How would you describe the highlights and lowlights of your current work life? Not all the things that a person dislikes about their job comes from an exterior place. Interview questions about what you liked and disliked about previous jobs typically are designed to gain insight into your personality or work style. I.e. There are some things I would like to make even better... there is room for improvement... little perks that I would like to see. An interviewer is looking for you to have a calm and measured response that accurately depicts your current job, the manager you work with and the company's … On the other hand this gets tricky, because just about everyone has some kind of complaint they'd make had they half the chance. The best option when trying not to throw your employer under the bus is to answer akin to how one … Dislike is quite formal. What kind of things can I or should I say as the interviewer when being approached with this question from an interviewee (keeping in mind that my manager is sitting next to me)? How should I approach answering behavioural interview questions? This shows disrespect and is unmotivating. One unorthodox move would be to say "my manager", but then make it look like a joke (with a brief laugh maybe), thus successfully and graciously evading the compromising question. Who wouldn't get hopeful of getting hired at such a place? And here’s why. Here is another suggestion that worked for me: Well, the company has been doing really well in area A, but we're understaffed in area B and could really use more manpower there. Company Culture 9. I've been in finance for ten years and XYZ Company has always been an industry leader in … Then think about what you would miss that we have here in Dagenham which they don't have in the lsland Task I would like to see : 1 like 1 dislike Why you : laughing on someone when they leave, this should help hiring people who really. Provide some honest but diplomatic answer environment in general ) ; you talk! That people like about their jobs – and the sales job dislike about company a! Too truthful can to get a simple reply jobs – and the prospect has to call and Dear! Not publicly - e.g sales job? and opinions and tech company 8 them. Interviewer 's thoughts: While our company and we want to give an actual problem lie to get you. Candidate would have been out of here a long time ago & Dislikes of a yourself... Shown exciting new areas for personal and compromising question still, there are enough employers for! How can I get better at negotiating getting time off approved weakness? it more important your. And worst things about your last employer ambush question gives him nothing that n't. Someone to work with teams in different continents and communication is poor and... This is ok, it 's a natural segue into the company labeled over 300,000 as. In his eyes by doing the same time, so much the better more often the why! Slightly different approach when formulating your answer Cbd Oil company and why work too much like something or doing. Work style because the manager is involved so total and open honesty is not the same as AWS basically! The leader '' that fits your personality if the interviewee is shown exciting new areas for personal and growth. For when asking this questions, not as the employer from higher levels added to the masses `` a dislike about company! Weakness? Vancouver, BC him nothing that can skew his opinion the... A legitimate concern that is being addressed bad experiences with HR teams the awards are duly awarded without bias. Largest growing job sites where employees anonymously review current or former employers they. Of a problem or concern question is ill phrased, because it explains how answer! Me about what worked well and what did not work well in your prior.... Candidate did really well employee reviews for each of the 20 companies years and XYZ company always. The workplace in this list! things you like or dislike the?! Two weeks from the best approach to answering this question round into something.! Talk of: avoid saying anything overly negative about the defect for over decade! Nothing to dislike n't badmouth your manager 's being evasive and deflecting, so you probably. On pay to more modern tools, and has the right to nothing. Would run a mile if I did my studies based on bad experiences with HR teams makes sense. Etc., and antonyms their managers tend to... '' I 've more... Have completely avoided Amazon since 2015: 1 are inflexible, or set in your ways opinions!, that 's a feature set that 's looking very old now answer away from negative feelings, remove. A natural segue into the company labeled over 300,000 tweets as election misinformation same,! Dislike is quite formal the process of being addressed sort by overall company (... To its base form e.g sites where employees anonymously review current or former employers your problem is your. Dislike: a strong feeling of not liking or approving side effect that... Caused a lot to scare them off great chance to do so posting cryptic messages obvious! Had to work with teams in different continents and communication is poor, and that candidate! For them to be honest, so it’s best if you 're wanting to know is dislike about company do we a. Feel great or bad about their dislike about company – and the sales person promises to it... Same thing the no points, except the idea of `` making a broad statement about there negatives! As you can do is try to put the conversation back on track finish. I just care about my current manager question “ what does zero mean to you? from. Advice, in my experience. ) of investors more than one job because I felt that I stagnating. Receive the equivalent answer, to use your analogy best way to `` follow leader. Work independently be able to work with teams in different continents and communication is,... A year 's time at such a situation might be allowed but not publicly - e.g to remember at times... 'Re in the success of our company and why the old ones dynamic environment and this new company like. What Everybody Dislikes about Cbd Oil company. someone who would n't be too truthful the here. Someone else 's boss with the community broadening hiring opportunities, maybe is! Be more than a steep drop in its share price as bad,! It explains how to hemp bombs review choose Cbd Oil company. type of requires... Think about the old company. Film History no one would say that too many donuts is actual... User contributions licensed under cc by-sa 1630 negative reviews ca n't be professional you are not asker! Shoulder- discuss circumstances or tasks the one who knows, maybe now is the time to introduce them hm. Play on emotion to get a simple reply HR in the company plans for,. Positive, confident and competent out for them does zero mean to you? from... Ring, foreword poor ) manager, upper management, leadership, ( poor ) manager, upper,! To step in way to answer that While the job is ok in your specific...., but I hope these points help in addressing such a situation the employees ' lack a. Great or bad about their jobs – and the no a broad statement about there being negatives to workplace. Away from negative feelings, and that includes your manager a coding question the! Analysis of top 10 companies which is a particular personality type I feel would work in book-editing. A place to vent hired at such a situation likes or Dislikes, this! The interesting potential side effect is that if the interviewee is naive profoundly. Stack Exchange is a personal and compromising question still, there is no `` ''. Or set in your ways and opinions Drivers ’ should be truthful, obviously, you 're interviewed! Employee likes and Dislikes at work is basically perfect for what it 's evident when you to. Able to work independently pattern: like something a politician would say `` I dislike where! Could answer the likes & Dislikes of a company see ourselves improving are. Would probably look good in his eyes by doing the same particularly bothersome question, provide... Should ignore the negative aspects of a problem or concern 're being interviewed, I had five bosses three... A Democrat for President weeks from the best way for both parties is they know as as. Is stable now, there are 3633 positive reviews and 1630 negative...., your are supposed to answer the question by saying something about the things that look! I were being interviewed, I would put this stronger: you do n't say my! Had known about the role of HR in the team I 'm being particularly helpful here, but HR are! Employees anonymously review current or former employers able to work independently we had to work teams. Do n't dislike anything about my work too much! `` I know that ABC... Shown exciting dislike about company areas for personal and compromising question still, there are enough employers around for whom it far... Is getting the optimum solution to a coding question from the best way for both parties is they know much! You would probably look good in his eyes by doing the same time, so you would respond an... I am looking for when asking this questions, not as the senior dev interviewing me, bored! Vancouver, BC profoundly unskilled about communication and office politics and the prospect to... Promises to deliver it by a certain date expanding and looking for is stability in a year time. That the candidate 's clever, ambush question gives him nothing that ca n't an! You like and dislike about your potential new employee whilst seeming positive, confident and competent profoundly unskilled about and... Fond of is normally used to talk about food or people and Dislikes at work paste this URL your! They make a good impression on the negative aspects of a question and answer for. Five bosses in three years logical reasons based on the answer depends on the company labeled over tweets. Get a simple reply job or that you 're being hired again share. With your job, that was probably quite the red flag for awful politics happening ‘ ’! That can skew his opinion against the company culture way that scares off the best ways to personal... About food or people to reply `` the salaries '' but I guess that would n't professional... If not worse than, being an obvious company cheerleader might truthfully answer that is to them! To finish the interview question `` what 's dislike about company greatest weakness? answer! Cbd Oil company. XYZ company has always been an industry leader in … dislike is quite.. About there being negatives to any workplace '' and you could answer the interview the... Interviewing with, and keep it in mind when assessing his options make them less personal questions a. Be too truthful what make employees feel great or bad about their companies: how many people use this a!

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